Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

Healthcare Services include all services dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of disease, or the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health (WHO, 2015)

Healthcare is delivered by practitioners in allied health, dentistry, midwifery, medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, psychology and other health professions and can refer to work being carried out in primary care, secondary care, tertiary care and public health.

Worldwide, it is estimated that over one billion people lack access to essential health services. In many countries health services can be too far away (accessibility barrier), or poorly staffed with long waiting hours (availability barrier), or do not conform to people’s cultural, ethnic or gender preferences (acceptability barrier). Even when people do access services, those are often of poor quality, and in some cases, even harmful. (WHO, 2015)


Introducing the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care

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Every year 100 million people are pushed into poverty because they have to pay for health services directly.
WHO ’10 facts on Universal Health Coverage

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