Brexit and Wales

Brexit and Wales

As the First Minister’s Preface to Securing Wales’ Future states ‘a majority in Wales voted to leave the European Union (EU) and the Welsh Government has been clear from the outset that this democratic decision must be respected’. Subsequent developments since the Referendum have seen the Welsh Government focus on a range of specific issues which may impact upon Wales, with an ambition to ensure that the people of Wales do not end up worse off as a result of leaving the EU. This has led to the publication of a series of briefings, to date, on trade, regional investment, the fair movement of people, and devolution. Other Welsh Government and National Assembly for Wales publications have focussed on the future of agriculture in Wales, the future of regional policy and the general implications for Wales of leaving the EU.

Other notable reports from organisations in Wales have looked at the implications of Brexit for Wales in relation to fisheries, public services, international trade, housing, industry and equality and human rights.

Brexit and Devolution - Welsh Government's Policy Briefing

In the health and social care sector, as of September 2015 around 1,140 EU nationals were employed in NHS Wales. (Source: Welsh Government)

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