Healthy Stadia

Healthy Stadia

The European Healthy Stadia® Network support clubs, stadia operators and governing bodies of sport to develop health promoting policies and practices at stadia that contribute to improved levels of public health amongst fans, stadia workforces and local communities.

The overarching role of the Network is to advocate for sports stadia to become health promoting environments, and to assist stadia in achieving this goal through one-to-one support, guidance documents and case studies of current practice.

Cardiff City Stadium was the first stadium in Wales to be recognised as health promoting by the European Healthy Stadia Network in 2010.  After registering as a new member of the Network in September 2009, Cardiff City Stadium has worked closely with Cardiff’s Health Partnership Team in assessing current health-based activities, and planning a new raft of interventions and initiatives.

Sport plays an important role within society.  Sporting stadia are iconic venues which are in a powerful position to influence healthier lifestyles within their communities.  Millions of people across Europe attend a sports stadium each week to watch their team, to work, or to use the stadium’s facilities.


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