Healthy Pregnancy


Individualised clinic for women with raised BMI having their first baby with no other health related risk factors. To encourage women to be active and maintain their weight and aim for birth in a low risk setting such as birth centre or midwife led unit.
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    Contact Name: Kate Evans
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: ABMU

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    Provide extra support for women with a BMI 35 or greater, having their first baby and having no other health related risk factors.  If we can get the first pregnancy right, this group of women will benefit for the future and for the health of their well-being. 

    The women are given the risks of being overweight in pregnancy and for birth as well as information on how this can affect their newborn/infant in the future.

    The discussion then revolves around nutrition and how maintaining their weight in pregnancy will benefit them and their baby.  We offer exercise specific to pregnancy including aquanatal and the exercise co-ordinators are specifically trained around pregnancy and postnatal periods.

    The woman is seen by her named community midwifery team through her pregnancy and sees "Healthy Pregnancy" at 16, 28 and 36 weeks pregnant.  The woman is weighed to monitor weight management, asked questions about exercise and activity and has a general discussion with the specialist midwife.

    At 36 week review if pregnancy remains normal and weight gain is minimal, a birth plan is done for the woman to birth in a low risk setting.  Mobility in labour and how to reduce risks during labour are discussed and the woman is then seen by her community midwife until the end of her pregnancy.

    Data following birth will be collected to show mode of birth, place of birth and other related data.  This will be compared to data for women who didn't attend clinic in the same weight range to see if any benefit is seen.

    Aims and objectives


    - to find out if women benefit from intervention relating to weight management and physical activity in pregnancy

    - to find out if women have an increased chance of normal birth from attending clinic.



    -Specialist Public Health Midwife to run "Healthy Pregnancy" clinic in Neath Port Talbot for women with BMI 35 or above having first baby with no other health related risk factors.

    - Give women the information and tools to maintain their weight during pregnancy

    -  Offer women specific pregnancy exercise classes during pregnancy

    - Analyse data following birth and compare against women who didn't access clinic.

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