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Uplifting Heart Project - Gwynedd

It is a joint initiative between the psychiatric service and the Gwynedd Local Health board, funded by WG inequalities in Health. Designated Specialist nurse leads the project and conducts screening of clients with SMI diagnosis in Gwynedd.To raise awareness amongst professionals working with this population of the need to address and access healthcare and preventative screening services, the side effects of medication and lifestyle and health-related behaviour to maximise the health potential of clients.

Safe, Well And Independent Living (SWAIL) Project

The Safe, Well And Independent Living (SWAIL) project is limited to the Llanelli and Carmarthen areas of Carmarthenshire and is targeted at individuals over the age of 60 years of age with the following vulnerabilities: • Individuals with mental and/or physical health illnesses. • Individuals with alcohol or substance misuse • Living alone and/or Living in rented property • Fire Interaction e.g. smoking, cooking, candles • Victim of crime/threat of a crime • A frequent user of 999 Services The Project provides an Holistic Home Safety Check, which includes a basic Crime Prevention Survey/Advice and where appropriate the fitting of some items of fire/crime reduction equipment.

Autism Soundwalk

Autism Sound Walk would support young people with autism during transition to high school by enabling them to familiarise themselves with the types of new sounds they should expect to hear, prior to arrival in the new environment

About Me- autism app

The ‘About Me’ app was created in response to feedback from young people with autism and will make it easier for people with autism to access, hold and share information about their condition with professionals. The app aims to put the child at the centre of clinical practice and will provide a low cost solution to information sharing. The new mobile app, currently available on the Android platform, contains key information about a person with autism including a profile of their needs and strengths, a progress tracker of the assessment process and information about support services available. The mobile app development was funded by the Wales Health Technology Challenge. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store, search for ‘About Me (autism passport)’ or from

DIet or Disorder?

An electronic App to empower people who might have an eating disorder and those who care The ‘Diet or Disorder?.’ The App is designed to inform members of the public who may not be familiar with eating disorders, and to empower them to help themselves and those they love as well as to seek professional diagnosis and help. The App is based on the NICE 2004, and adult and paediatric MARSIPAN (Management of Really Sick Patients with Anorexia Nervosa) guidelines. The App will provide psycho-education about eating disorders, including decisional tools to help identify an eating problem; guides to help-seeking; simple self-help strategies and links to resources. It is available in English and Welsh.

FareShare Cymru

FareShare Cymru works to fight hunger and tackle food waste. We turn an environmental problem into a social solution by ensuring that good quality surplus food from the food industry is redirected to organisations that help feed people in need.

The ACTIVE Project

The ACTIVE Project aims to increase fitness and physical activity levels in teenagers by giving vouchers to year 9 pupils to spend on activities of their choice. This is to empower young people to make their own decisions regarding activity in order to change attitudes and decrease inactivity. Teenagers are encouraged to create new opportunities to increase physical activity access in their local community.

Switched On

Switched On is a substance misuse service for Cardiff and the Vale. It is an innovative, flagship multi-agency service which is made up of existing services which have been brought together to provide a holistic provision for young people and those who support young people. Switched On is a Tier 1 education and advice service. They work closely with colleagues in Tier 2, 3 and adult services and facilitate referrals to specialist services where necessary. They offer tailored, bespoke training sessions to a range of practitioners such as teachers, nurses, youth workers, foster carers and many more. Direct education is provided to small groups of young people in a variety of settings from schools to youth centres.


Mind In You has been developed to bring you a series of innovative and unique programmes overseen by Mind In Sport Limited. These programmes are designed following years of delivery experience in a variety of settings where our work has shown improvements in wellbeing, happiness, uptake of support services and performance. We are here to help you achieve a healthier and happier life. Our key focus is empowering individuals to reach their full potential, we have a holistic and proactive approach to personal development which builds in key themes such as health promotion, lifestyle, good mental health and improving performance. The #walkandtalk aims to provide a safe environment to promote overall wellbeing by proviing low intensity exercise with opportunities to develop relationships and engage in informal therapy if need be. Come along to one of our groups for a coffee, walk and talk •45 minutes per walk, all levels of fitness/mobility welcome •You are welcome to attend alone or with a friend. •There is always a therapist in the group to work with you. •All locations are accessible and have access to parking, toilets and shops for refreshments. Great for physical health, mental health and social connections. Bring a friend and come join us for the walk

Project HE:RO

Project HE:RO (Health Engagement : Real Outcomes) is recognised as a reliable solution to help pupils become happier, healthier and take responsibility for their learning. It does this by placing Health Mentors within schools for between one and five days per week, every week, to address the unique challenges that they are facing. We create bespoke objectives and timetables that will be effective within schools by focusing on specific challenges and development areas. Our Health Mentors address the social, physical and emotional wellbeing of pupils, getting them in the right frame of mind for learning. They develop much needed rapport with pupils, helping them to access the curriculum and providing them with the motivation that they need to achieve.

Ethnic Minority Mental Health Awareness Project (EMHAP)

The aim of the project is to work towards helping BME women raise their levels of awareness on how to overcome mental health barriers, access mainstream services and empower them to build confidence, skills and cope better with mental health issues.

Healthy Pregnancy

Individualised clinic for women with raised BMI having their first baby with no other health related risk factors. To encourage women to be active and maintain their weight and aim for birth in a low risk setting such as birth centre or midwife led unit.


NUTRITION SKILLS FOR LIFE™ is a programme of quality assured nutrition skills training and initiatives developed and co-ordinated by dietitians working in the NHS in Wales. The programme aims to support a wide range of community workers, including those from health, social care and third sector organisations to promote healthy eating and prevent malnutrition by incorporating food and nutrition skills into their work. The programme aims to reach community groups who may not have the knowledge, confidence and skills to prepare and eat a healthy balanced diet. By training those who work closely with, and understand the needs of local people, the programme successfully supports communities across Wales to learn more about healthy eating and put knowledge and skills into practice. Participants also have the opportunity to gain an accredited qualification which is particularly important for those who may have left formal education early.

Eat well and move more

Eatwell is an information tool for service user's and staff in Mental health rehab and recovery services and will be delivered by staff members of staff that have undertaken the level 2 community nutrition skills course. It has been adapted from various nutrition tools and encompasses the eat well guide principles. This tool also looks at the difficulties for people on anti psychotic medication at risk of metabolic syndrome.

Self Management and Peer Support

The self-management training is for people over 18, living in Wales who live with long term mental ill-health.

Project Jiwsi

Jiwsi is a sexual health education and training service funded by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) and delivered by Sex Education Company. It delivers sexual health and relationships education (SRE) to groups of vulnerable young people in education and community settings and SRE training programmes to BCUHB staff throughout North Wales.

Introducing Mindfulness into the Community

Many parents with children attending primary schools in areas of deprivation in Newport North had been identified by community workers as having low-level mental health issues but were reluctant to attend existing services in the City Centre. Putting on outreach sessions in more familiar settings allowed these individuals to access mental health support which they may have otherwise missed out on.

Darland School 'Info Outreach'

The weekly drop in provides a discreet and confidential environment for young people to access information and advice on a variety of health needs, which are primarily sexual health related. The purpose of this enhanced service is to provide support for pupils, providing solutions where possible to their immediate health needs and to engage them in a process which will lead towards improved health and wellbeing, enabling young people to make informed choices and to take responsibility for their own health. The project builds on the messages delivered in the PSHE curriculum and peer education program. Condoms, pregnancy testing and prescribed emergency contraception is available and a system is in place for sign posting and referral where appropriate. The aim is to educate young people to delay first sex and for those who are sexually active to do so safely. We aim to be more positive about sexual health as well as being realistic about STI facts and to focus largely on negotiation skills in sexual relationships and communication.

Mind Your Heart

The project aims to improve the physical health of people with enduring mental health problems through a programme of training and support to organisations. Its focus is healthy lifestyles, but it also aims to improve health in other ways (e.g. enabling access to health care and healthy activities). We work with organisations in mental health services in the statutory and third sector. Our aim is to increase skills and knowledge of staff and volunteers so that they are able to work with groups or individuals to improve their health. We deliver training on brief intervention skills and key messages about healthy living with follow-up to embed the skills learnt. Appropriate information produced by the project and small grants support this aim. Where obstacles are identified Mind Your Heart works at a strategic level to remove these and make sure that opportunities for healthy activities are provided. The project has worked closely over the past two years with the Local Public Health Team to devise brief intervention training which fits with the Making Every Contact Count model.


Go4it is a proven family engagement project which supports families with primary aged children living in Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Go4it promotes a holistic approach to break down barriers and increase activity, healthy eating and mental well-being in a fun and friendly atmosphere, to help achieve positive and realistic lifestyle behaviour change. Go4it support families in the community and in house through our professional sofa coaching, which provides a free and safe service to families from within their homes. Sofa coaching offers personalised action plans within all these services to help families make the improvements they want to improve their lifestyle. Go4it can help families overcome these barriers by helping to provide sports kit and equipment, provide free taster sessions for families to try new activities available to them locally and provide free family cooking sessions.

Community Food Co-operative Programme

The not for profit programme makes fresh fruit and vegetables available to local residents at very affordable prices and encourages local people to include them in their families' diets. The co-op intends to source as many items as possible from local producers, and in the longer term will seek out mutual arrangements with Welsh farmers and local allotment holders, cutting out the distribution chain and enabling the provision of food at prices attractive to both parties. This will enable communities to greater access to a healthier diet and lifestyle and provide farmers with a viable trade.

Mentro Allan Swansea

The programme targets specific groups that are generally less active than the wider population. Each of the projects is funded for four years to increase the physical activity levels of its target group, making best use of the local natural outdoor environment close to where people live. The programme is collecting evidence on the effectiveness of specific interventions designed to increase people’s levels of health-benefiting physical activity. In Swansea the project targets Carers aged from as young as 7 years upwards and we currently deliver a weekly timetable of activities ranging from walking, chair based exercise, pilates, nordic walking, dance and cycling. The project is providing carers with opportunities to be more active and importantly providing them with a social environment as many carers are very isolated.

Fun, Food & Fitness (F3)

Based on the Healthy Home Tutor model, the Fun, Food & Fitness project promotes a joined-up approach to increase awareness of healthy eating and physical activity, and achieve positive changes in attitude and behaviour for overweight and obese children aged 5-11 years old and their “families” in Caerphilly county borough. The families are supported to enable them to have positive attitudes and to make realistic lifestyle changes that are sustainable in the long-term, such as increasing their activity levels, eating an improved diet and experiencing enhanced well-being. The advantage of the Home Tutor is that they can offer individualised, tailored advice and support to families in a familiar environment. . It has filled a gap in services as previously no targeted intervention existed in Caerphilly. Overweight and obese children are a local and national priority area, and are a group shown to be at risk of significant health concerns.

The Place2Be Cardiff

Based in six primary schools in Cardiff, the project supports some 2000 children in some of the more deprived areas of the city. To do this it provides a whole school, integrated, responsive and flexible school-based mental health service; including one-to-one counselling and a self-referral service for children as well as support for teaching and non-teaching school-based staff, parents and carers. The project offers a wide range of interventions, including universal, targeted, individual and group work, to meet children’s and families’ needs . It engages a range of stakeholders (parents, school staff, and staff in other children’s services) in working towards the shared goal of improving children’s mental health and providing support to parents and carers and is embedded in the school system and integrated into the day-to-day life of the school, its staff and pupils

‘Info Outreach’ – Sexual Health drop in service in a special education school

The ‘Info Outreach’ reaches out to young people who have a learning disability to enable them to use sexual health services and give them the skills to access generic sexual health services effectively when they leave school and to take control over there sexual health and choices. Research shows that people who have a learning disability require additional assistance to access sexual health services.

National Exercise Referral Scheme

The National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) is a Welsh Government funded scheme which has been in development since 2007 to standardise exercise referral opportunities across all Local Authorities and Local Health Boards in Wales. The Scheme targets clients who have a chronic disease or are at risk of developing chronic disease. The Scheme operates in all 22 local authorities and runs for a minimum of 16 consecutive weeks and consists of two fully supervised group-based sessions each week.

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