Working-Age Adult

Working-Age Adult

In 2001 the median age of the population in Wales was 38 years, up from 36 in 1991 and 34 in 1981. Three in five people were of working age (males 16 to 64, females 16 to 59), while one in five was over working age and one in five under 16.  Office for National Statistics, 2004

Nearly 1 in 6 (approximately 16%) of the Welsh workforce is affected by a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety. The Welsh Health Survey 2008-2009, indicates that across Wales, 10% of adults self-reported as receiving treatment for mental health illness, including stress, depression, or any other mental health illness. The discrepancy could be explained by under-reporting due to the associated stigma and cultural expectations. The same survey showed that the percentage of working age adults self-reporting as receiving treatment for mental illness is lowest in Powys Local Health Board and highest in Cwm Taf Local Health Board Wales Deanery Cymru, 2015


What is Public Health?  

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The proportion of economically inactive working-age adults who are in relative low income is higher in the UK than in any other EU country.
The Poverty Site, 2015


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