Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual

Wales has a population of approximately 184,000 lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual people become ill just like everyone else and on the whole have the same health needs as straight people. However, research shows that people with same-sex partners may have a higher risk of contracting certain conditions, for instance lesbians may have a higher risk of breast cancer and gay men are at higher risk of HIV. Gay men, lesbian women and bisexual people may also be less likely to take advantage of screening and other health checks so health problems are not picked up as early as they could be. (NHS Choices) http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/LGBhealth/Pages/Gayhealththeissues.aspx )

Research conducted by Stonewall Cymru in 2012 showed that two per cent of gay men and three per cent of bisexual men in Wales had attempted to take their own life in the previous year. Furthermore, half of gay and bisexual men in Wales had experienced at least one incident of domestic abuse from a family member or partner since the age of 16. The research also showed that two in five (40 per cent) gay and bisexual men in Wales had never been tested for any sexually transmitted infection. Two in five (40 per cent) had never taken an HIV test.

Similar research undertaken in 2008 by Stonewall on the health of lesbian and bisexual women showed that more than one in five (23 per cent) had deliberately harmed themselves in the previous year, and a third (34 per cent) of lesbians and bisexual women have experienced domestic abuse. The research also found that half (49 per cent) of lesbians and bisexual women have had a negative experience accessing health care services in the last year.


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