The World Health Organization Releases ‘More People Active for a Healthier World’: A Global Action Plan on Physical Activity

Did you leave the house this morning wondering how you could get more people and populations more physically active? If so, then you have landed in the right place.

The World Health Organisation has just released their Global Action Plan on Physical Activity (GAPPA) entitled ‘More people active for a healthier world’. This was no small feat. They developed the plan over the last year, based on the best available evidence, and international consultation with all sectors of government, civil society, non-state actors, private sector, research and academic community, including an online consultation. The plan has four strategic objectives and 20 policy actions to achieve a 15% relative reduction in physical inactivity by 2025.

Please take some time to read ‘More people active for a healthier world’ and identify what you can do in your current role to put it into action – it’s publically available here and is full of insightful, guiding strategies. In case you can’t find time to read the plan and resources today, we’ve picked out some tangible actions you could apply from each of the 4 strategic objectives:

  1. Create an active society;
  2. Create active environments;
  3. Create active people; and
  4. Create active systems.

The active society objective is about communication and driving social change. A key action is to articulate clear messages and make the social, economic, health and environmental benefits of being physically active and help them go viral. You could do this though aligning your advice with national or local physical activity campaigns, echoing the messages which already exist. Consistent terminology and communication will build the momentum for people to gain knowledge and awareness of the benefits across all sectors. The glossary within the document provides WHO definitions which are a great resource to ease working in partnerships and investing in policy actions. If you want a more hands on approach to raising awareness of physical activity and benefits reaped from it, step outside the office and work with some local community leaders and sponsors to organise regular culturally appropriate events to get people more active in public spaces, anything from Parkrun, dancing, Tai Chi or Football – support and promote movement so it becomes more and more ‘normal’ to #BeActive.

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