Project Play - new autumn campaign launched

Playful Childhoods has launched Project Play Autumn in response to a vital need for children to get playing outside and away from screens during the colder months.

The autumn and winter months are a perfect time to get out and explore with children. There’s so much fun to be had, be it playing conkers, splashing in puddles, building a den or going on a scavenger hunt.

Emotional and physical health are so important for a child’s happiness and development and lay the foundations for the future. Recognising this importance and a need to spread awareness both to schools and the community, Playful Childhoods has launched Project Play Autumn to encourage everyone across Wales to bring back play time and get children away from screens. 

Playful Childhoods advocates all forms of play, whether it be at home, at school or in the community, and believes more can be done to provide safe, inclusive play in a positive social environment to all children at any time of year.