New Falls Framework

Falls are the second most common reason for calling an ambulance in Wales, but in many of these cases an emergency
ambulance is not needed. In 2017/18 we received 62,488 calls relating to falls, with just under half of these needing to be
taken to hospital.

As well as responding to people in the community who have fallen, the Welsh Ambulance Service, along with the Health Boards and other organisations, has a role to play in everything from helping to prevent falls through to reducing further harm which might result from a fall. To help us deal in the best way with the different types of fall-related calls, we have developed a Framework for Falls. The Framework for Falls looks at the best ways in which the Welsh Ambulance Service can do its work in relation to:

  • Prevention – working with patients to reduce the risks of falling at home and in their communities.
  • Supporting Community Resilience - helping nursinghome staff and Community First Responders to more effectively deal with patients who have fallen but haven’t hurt themselves.
  • Assessment – making sure that the way we assess patients over the phone results in them getting the right sort of help.
  • Response – making sure that the help we send is correct depending on how badly the patient is injured.
  • Avoiding Further Harm - looking at ways of reducing the amount of time a patient who has fallen has to wait for help, and at ways in which we can help patients avoid falling again in future.

The development of the Framework for Falls is an important step towards achieving a safe, appropriate and consistent response across Wales for our patients who have fallen.

For more information please contact the Patient Experience and Community Involvement Team [email protected]
or phone 01792 311773.