New Active Healthy Kids Wales Report on Physical Activity

The Active Healthy Kids report from Swansea University grades the physical activity levels of children and young people in Wales. 

The report card shows that Active Play received a grade of C- with 41 percent of children aged seven to 17 reporting playing out most days. 

The report card also shows that the Overall Physical Activity in Wales received a grade of D+ with 18.4 percent of children and young people aged 11 to 16 meeting the recommendation of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day. 

Active Healthy Kids (AHK) is a global initiative which grades children’s physical activity and health. The AHK Wales group is made up of academics and professionals from across the public sector, including Play Wales’ Assistant Director, Marianne Mannello. 

Professor Gareth Stratton who leads the project says that results in Wales are getting worse and added:

‘We don't have the right investment in the early years, play in particular – we need nursery teachers and play leaders to spend more time with their children. We need to educate and help parents play with their children both inside and outside and we need a strong skillset in primary schools where teachers feel confident in covering the full range of physical literacy and promoting physical education for children.’

Download Active Healthy Kids – Wales 2018 report