Nearly a quarter of people in Wales are living in poverty – the highest rate in the UK

Too many jobs do not pay enough and efforts to reduce poverty are 'unravelling', a major report has warned.

Growing numbers of Welsh families are at risk of being trapped in poverty, a major report warns today.

Research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows Wales has a higher rate of poverty than England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It fears that efforts to reduce poverty – which had delivered “great strides – are now “unravelling”. A key concern is that the Welsh labour market is not delivering “enough jobs which offer pay and hours that will take people out of poverty”.

Poverty is linked to shorter life expectancy

There is a gap of around 15 years in healthy life expectancy among those who live in the most deprived parts of Wales compared to those in the least deprived parts of the nation.

There is also concern about the impact of poverty on family life. There is a higher share of households with children where the parents have separated in Wales (37%) than in England (29%), Scotland (30%) or Northern Ireland (30%).

Nearly one in four people in Wales lives in poverty – and it is on the rise among pensioners, single people and couples with children. There is concern that progress on child poverty has “stalled”.

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