Launch of Vision for Sport in Wales and Healthy and Active Fund

  • Enjoyment key factor for active nation
  • New £5m fund to encourage and share ideas for helping people live healthy and active lives

Getting everyone in Wales active can unleash a range of benefits - including better health and well-being and more connected communities - but needs the support of everyone in Wales to ensure its success; from those directly involved in physical activity to others helping deliver public services such as health, education, natural resources and economic development.

 Taking forward the collective approach, a new Healthy and Active Fund (HAF) - a partnership between Welsh Government, Sport Wales and Public Health Wales - will be announced to encourage and share innovative ideas that support people to build physical activity into their lives and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. 

The first phase investment of £5m over three years will focus on improving physical activity levels, encouraging solutions to take advantage of collaboration, existing community assets such as clubs, schools and workplaces, and new technology. Full details of the HAF application process will be announced in the Autumn.

In addition, Sport Wales will be launching the newVision for Sport in Wales,at the core of which is a focus on encouraging an active lifestyle and a lifelong participation in sport through a wider range of enjoyable and accessible experiences.

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The Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sport, Lord Elis-Thomas said:

"I've been very clear that one of my primary priorities as Minister is to improve accessibility across all aspects of my portfolio. Nowhere is this more important that in sport, where making it as easy as possible for people from across Wales to enjoy the benefits of physical activity comes with enormous, cross cutting benefits.

"I've been fortunate enough to recently witness some outstanding projects which are seeing individuals from all backgrounds get more involved with sport, some for the first time. Through continuing to work together towards a common goal of making sport as accessible and enjoyable as possible I'm optimistic that we can build on these successes and further increase participation.

"This new fund, alongside a refreshed vision for the future, will look to facilitate just that and I very much look forward to seeing it help deliver a healthier, more active Wales for us all."

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething said:

"Becoming healthy and active should not feel like an ordeal or something to be apprehensive about. It should be something that is fun, open to everyone and a way for people, families and communities to come together. I look forward to the first projects supported by the Fund being up and running early next year, delivering innovative solutions and making a real contribution to the health and well-being of people across Wales."

After a Wales-wide public conversation, the need for enjoyable experiences to be central to getting people active was a resounding message.

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