Despite growing awareness of climate change, UK families still pushed to use petrol vehicles on days out

More than eight out of ten parents (83%) think an individual’s choice of transport plays an important role in leading a sustainable lifestyle. Despite this, petrol and diesel vehicles remain the main mode of travel for a day out for over half (56%) of UK families.

A YouGov poll, carried out for Sustrans, the walking and cycling charity, surveyed 1,089 parents across the UK with children aged 18 and under about their views on sustainability and environmental problems.

Over four-fifths (83%) of those surveyed said their awareness of environmental problems has increased in the last year. When asked what changes they have made to their lifestyle as a result of this, over three in five (61%) have reduced plastic usage, followed by recycling more (57%) and walking for shorter journeys (38%), whilst 9% started cycling for shorter journeys.

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