Deeds Not Words

Deeds Not Words

A hundred years ago women won the right to vote through campaigning and direct action, calling for Deeds Not Words. We want to celebrate that centenary with a campaign on a new front line for women – the right to mental health and well-being.

As women in 2018 we have rights, power and influence which we can use in place of the direct action which women had recourse to in fighting for the vote. But Deeds Not Words still applies because our campaign is about moving beyond discussion and making real changes. The campaign is ambitious and some of the changes we seek to make will take years; but some changes, especially those we make for ourselves and for those close to us, can be achieved right now through our own action.

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Our campaign is urging TEN ACTIONS to address the issues facing all women and especially those who are most vulnerable and at risk:

Our campaign will run from July to September 2018 and include:

  • A launch at the Wales Millennium Centre
  • 22 local events, one in every county of Wales
  • Stands at the Royal Welsh Show and the National Eisteddfod
  • A survey of women in Wales asking whether the performance of the NHS and Social Services is based on words or deeds – are they delivering?
  • A concluding event where we will set out what we have achieved and what we will do next.

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