Cymorth Launches ‘Health Matters’ Report About the Health Needs of Homeless People in Wales

Cymorth are pleased to publish Health Matters, a report about the health needs of homeless people in Wales. We would like to thank our partners and colleagues from the Welsh Government, Shelter Cymru, local authorities, homelessness organisations and health services who helped us to conduct the audit, analyse the results and develop the recommendations. In particular, we are extremely grateful to the people who shared their views and experiences of health problems and homelessness. Without them, this report would not exist. We must now ensure that their invaluable contributions lead to improvements in policy and practice.

This report highlights how health problems can be both a cause and consequence of homelessness. 33% of respondents told us that health problems were a primary or secondary cause of their homelessness and approximately 30% said that their health had got worse over the past twelve months. Over 30% said they needed more help and support for their health problems and many faced barriers to health care, including lengthy waiting lists and being unable to get appointments. Of those who had been in hospital, a quarter were discharged onto the street or into unsuitable accommodation, which doubled their chance of re-admission.

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