Children who walk to school are more aware of the negative impacts of motor traffic

Children who walk to school are more engaged with their streets and aware of the impact of cars than those who don't, suggests new research released for the launch of International Walk to School Month (1 October).

Living Streets, the UK charity behind the walk to school campaign commissioned the research in which children were asked what would make a good walk to school. The respondents which were consistently more likely to identify improvements were the ones who walk to school. Of those who answered:

  • 'if cars were not allowed to wait/ park by the school': 74% currently walk to school;
  • 'if cars on the roads drove slower': 67% walk to school;
  • 'fewer cars/less traffic': 67% walk to school;
  • 'if cars were not allowed to park on the pavement': 71% walk to school; 
  • 'if the air was cleaner:', 65% walk to school.