Cardiff is seeing a huge cycling boom on back of city's new bike-hire scheme

So far more than 7,000 people have signed up to the scheme.

With the sun shining, temperatures rising and the Welsh capital glistening in the heat, it seems bike-hire has taken Cardiff by storm.

Since nextbikes were introduced in the city earlier this year locals and tourists have taken advantage of the cheap way to explore Cardiff in their droves.

A massive 15,443 rentals have been clocked up since late March, with 7,793 people now registered on the scheme in Cardiff.

Cardiff Council said in the month of May alone, the bikes were rented out 6,878 times.

Given that there were only 25 bikes in the city until May 25, that's pretty impressive.

The Cardiff scheme was nextbike's best-performing in the country over the May Bank Holiday.

The first week of June also saw a whopping 4,556 journeys taking place.

It means that so far the people of Cardiff have cycled a staggering 28,700km since the scheme was introduced to the city – almost three quarters of the way around the globe.

At the moment, there are 250 bikes available from 25 stations across the Welsh capital.

But that number is set to double in the city - increasing to 500 bikes from 50 stations at the end of August.

The council added that so far no bikes have been "lost" thanks to GPS tracking devices.

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