Britons Worst for Binge Drinking Sessions, Says Major Global Study

British people have the most prolific boozing habits than any other nationality, a major global study has found, with many people getting drunk once a week.

Britons reported getting drunk an average of 51.1 times in a 12-month period - almost once a week - according to the latest results from the Global Drug Survey.

Researchers based in London surveyed 5,400 people from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and more than 120,000 globally between October 29 and December 30 last year.

The results are published today in the eighth annual report which claims to be the largest drug survey in the world and features 36 countries.

English speaking countries led the way for how often their citizens get drunk, with the USA, Canada and Australia closely following the UK at the top of the global rankings.

How often are people getting drunk?*

  1. UK 51.1 times per year
  2. USA 50.3 times per year
  3. Canada 47.9 times per year
  4. Australia 47.4 times per year
  5. Denmark 41.7 times per year
  6. India 41.0 times per year
  7. Republic of Ireland 40.7 times per year
  8. Mexico 38.2 times per year
  9. Czech Republic 36.8 times per year
  10. Finland 34.9 times per year

*According to the Global Drugs Survey 2019

Meanwhile participants from South American countries reported getting drunk on the lowest number of occasions.

Researchers believe it may be time to introduce guidelines on how to get drunk safely, which would reach binge drinkers who may currently see upper limits as "irrelevant".

The study comes amid an overall downward trend of drinking levels in the UK, with abstention on the rise, particularly amongst young adults.

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