23-01 May/Jan

There is an ongoing debate about whether gender differences are down to ‘nature’, or ‘nurture’. What is clear from the science is that the extreme ‘nature’ position, that differences between girls and boys are all biologically predetermined and unalterable – has been thoroughly discredited. The environment has a vital role in shaping gendered differences. We want to explore how that happens.

09-30 Jul/Oct

The Welsh Government want your views on “Sustainable Farming and our Land” - revised proposals for supporting farmers after Brexit.

11-02 Jul/Oct

This consultation aims to gather evidence about whether the current laws on protecting people from sexual harassment in the workplace are effective.

15-07 Jul/Oct

We want your views on guidance to safeguard children under 18 from child sexual exploitation.

19-11 Jul/Oct

Welsh Government want your views on draft guidance to support good quality food and drink provision in care home settings for older people.

23-15 Jul/Oct

The Welsh Government are consulting on a strategic plan and mission for developing the sector. Proposals include: targeted investment, support, innovation and co-operation to help businesses grow; providing attractive careers and developing workforce skills; creating a partnership with the food and drink sector; showcasing the sector through Taste Wales.

25-20 Jul/Sep

Increasing health span has been adopted as a policy objective by the UK Government in the Industrial Strategy’s "Ageing Society" Grand Challenge, which aims to ensure that people can enjoy at least five extra healthy, independent years of life by 2035. This House of Lords inquiry will seek to determine whether the Government's ambition to increase health span is achievable in principle, and which approaches may be most successful in practice.

07-01 Aug/Nov

This consultation addresses national priorities through the planning system, including: sustaining and developing a vibrant economy; decarbonisation; developing resilient ecosystems; improving the health and well-being of our communities.

07-27 Aug/Sep

The Climate Change Environment and Rural Affairs Committee is carrying out an inquiry into fuel poverty and would welcome your views on the following: - The scale and impacts of fuel poverty in Wales; - Why the Welsh Government failed to meet its statutory target of eradicating fuel poverty in Wales by 2018; - How Welsh Government action to date has helped to combat fuel poverty, in particular, the impact of the Warm Homes Programme (including Nest and Arbed) and the Welsh Housing Quality Standard; - How the Welsh Government’s successor to the fuel poverty strategy (due for consultation in Autumn 2019) should differ from its 2010 strategy; - What steps the Welsh Government should take to ensure that new-build homes, as well as existing homes, are highly energy efficient to prevent them causing fuel poverty in the future.

17-25 Aug/Oct

The scope of the strategy is within England, but we would also love to hear from people in the devolved administrations or abroad. The purpose of the review is to address the environmental and health problems caused by our food system, to ensure the security of our food supply, and to maximise the benefits of the coming revolution in agricultural technology. The National Food Strategy will examine activity across several departments of state, building on the flagship Agriculture Bill and Fisheries Bill currently before Parliament, the Industrial Strategy, the Childhood Obesity Plan and the upcoming Environment Bill.