30-19 Apr/Jul

Whether you work in education, support its delivery or have an interest in it, we recommend you make yourself familiar with draft Curriculum for Wales 2022 guidance before you provide feedback.

13-05 May/Aug

We want your views on the revised code of practice on measuring the performance of social services.

23-01 May/Jan

There is an ongoing debate about whether gender differences are down to ‘nature’, or ‘nurture’. What is clear from the science is that the extreme ‘nature’ position, that differences between girls and boys are all biologically predetermined and unalterable – has been thoroughly discredited. The environment has a vital role in shaping gendered differences. We want to explore how that happens.

13-09 Jun/Sep

Each year in the UK, around 1,000 pregnancies are affected by life-changing neural tube defects. There is strong evidence that many neural tube defects can be prevented by increasing women’s intake of folic acid. Recent evidence raises concern as fewer and fewer women are meeting the recommended levels from their diet alone. The UK Government is seeking views on the proposed calls to fortify flour with folic acid. Fortification is seen as the most effective way of reaching those with the lowest intakes, typically younger women from deprived areas.

25-02 Jun/Aug

The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the general principles of the Health and Social Care (Quality and Engagement) (Wales) Bill.

28-09 Jun/Aug

Natural Resources Wales are currently running a public consultation in which they are inviting comments from the public on their updated Public Participation Statement. They would like to hear your views on the draft document to help them ensure future communication and engagement with the public is effective and meaningful.

01-09 Jul/Aug

Welsh Government want your views on preventing and reducing substance misuse in Wales

09-30 Jul/Oct

The Welsh Government want your views on “Sustainable Farming and our Land” - revised proposals for supporting farmers after Brexit.

17-10 Jul/Sep

The External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee has agreed to undertake a consultation into changes to freedom of movement after Brexit – the implications for Wales. With a view to informing the Welsh and UK Government’s thinking in this area, the Committee is seeking the views of stakeholders of the policy implications of the proposals for Wales.