30-31 Sep/Dec

We want your views on our plan to support people struggling with the cost of their fuel bills.

26-30 Oct/Nov

This consultation will review ethnic disparities and inequality in the UK, looking at outcomes across the whole population. The Government are particularly keen to hear from the public and local communities; public, private and third sector organisations and researchers and academics.

10-22 Nov/Dec

In 2019 the government consulted on restricting advertising of HFSS for TV and online. It asked for views on whether to extend current advertising restrictions on broadcast TV and online media, including consulting on watershed restrictions. In July 2020 the government confirmed its intention to introduce a 9pm watershed on TV. This new consultation goes further and looks at how a total HFSS advertising restriction could be implemented online.

17-25 Nov/Jan

Welsh Governments draft strategy for the future of transport in Wales. It sets out ambitions for the next 20 years and priorities for the next 5 years.