23-01 May/Jan

There is an ongoing debate about whether gender differences are down to ‘nature’, or ‘nurture’. What is clear from the science is that the extreme ‘nature’ position, that differences between girls and boys are all biologically predetermined and unalterable – has been thoroughly discredited. The environment has a vital role in shaping gendered differences. We want to explore how that happens.

14-07 Oct/Jan

We want your views on new proposals to reduce the use of restrictive practices in childcare, education, health and social care settings.

23-18 Oct/Dec

We want your views on our draft update to the original School-based counselling operating toolkit published in 2011.

07-02 Nov/Jan

We are seeking your views on proposals for a Social Partnership (Wales) Bill.

08-06 Nov/Dec

We would like your views on legislation to implement regulations on foods for special medical purposes and infant formula and follow-on formula in Wales.