01-10 Jan/Sep

This survey, which is part of a joint consultation between the rail industry and passenger watchdog Transport Focus, is not about the industry advocating any specific changes at this stage, it is about getting your views on the type of system and structure you want to see. These will be used to develop proposals to government which, if accepted, we would need to work with them to deliver. The proposals will aim to be revenue neutral, which means that any changes to some fares would need to be balanced elsewhere – this consultation looks at some of the possible trade-offs involved in this.

14-28 Sep/Jun

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), is the independent expert committee that advises ministers on the introduction of new, and changes to existing, vaccination programmes in the UK.

07-31 Feb/Jul

This consultation aims to collect views from stakeholders

22-22 Feb/Jun

The International Trade Committee have launched a new inquiry to investigate the appropriate level of transparency and scrutiny of trade strategy and negotiations as the UK begins establishing a post-Brexit trade regime.

06-29 Apr/Jun

We are consulting on the provision of primary and secondary health services to refugees and asylum seekers.

18-09 Apr/Aug

Consultation on developing our approach to regulating registered pharmacies

18-11 Apr/Jul

The Food Standards Agency wants to hear your views on whether new descriptors for alcoholic drinks above 1.2% ABV and the promotion of lower strength drinks should be introduced.

24-14 Apr/Aug

The Commission is evaluating the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), covering the period 2013 to mid-2018, in line with Article 23 of the EMCDDA Regulation.

27-26 Apr/Jul

We're consulting on a new rule to tackle harmful gender stereotypes in ads.

30-23 Apr/Jul

We want your views on proposed changes to how infrastructure development in Wales is approved following new powers given to the Welsh Ministers under the Wales Act 2017.

30-23 Apr/Jul

We want your views on the next stage of the development of the National Development Framework (NDF).

30-27 Apr/Jun

Proposals to change the newborn and infant physical examination (NIPE) hip screening pathway. This consultation closes on 27 June 2018.

30-03 Apr/Sep

consultation that gives everyone a chance to have their say on the best way to address the legacy of Northern Ireland's troubled past.

02-31 May/Jul

The aim of this consultation is to gather views on the measures proposed in the Council Recommendation on the integration of the long-term unemployed into the labour market (2016/C 67/01), and on their implementation, as well as to shed light on future possible action to support the long-term unemployed.

03-25 May/Jul

In line with the decision adopting the 7th EAP, we are evaluating this Environment Action Programme to see what worked well, and how it could have been better. The evaluation focuses on the structure and strategic role played by the 7th EAP and asks how it helped us deliver a better environment in practice. In line with the European Commission’s guidelines for evaluations, it will assess the 7th EAP in terms of its effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence and added value. This open public consultation is part of the evaluation. All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation.

04-26 May/Jun

Heathrow brings huge economic benefits both locally and nationally but for all the benefits that Heathrow delivers, we know that aircraft noise remains an issue for those living around the airport.

10-24 May/Jul

At Spring Statement 2018, the government announced a call for evidence on the use of rebated gas oil by non-road mobile machinery, in order to improve its understanding of what is preventing users from switching to cleaner technologies. Red diesel for agricultural use is outside the scope of this call for evidence, as is use by fishing vessels, home heating use and static generators.

17-29 May/Jun

This online survey seeks your views on the form of the regional Age Friendly Network, outlines draft aims, outcomes and three possible forms for you to consider.

21-21 May/Jul

We are seeking views on options for a new experimental statistical series to consistently measure the number of people claiming unemployment related benefits.

24-01 May/Jul

This paper sets out our big ideas of changes we could make that we believe would improve transport and air quality in our city. They are all possible but we want to have a conversation with the people of Cardiff about the issues, and how changes could impact their lives because, ultimately, we will all need to shape our future together".

25-22 May/Jun

At Play Wales we work hard to support and provide information for anyone who has an interest in children and young people’s play in Wales. It’s important that we continue to do this the best way we can.

06-14 Jun/Sep

Following the introduction of Universal Credit, we need to revise eligibility criteria for free school meals in Wales and are consulting on our proposals. We are proposing to introduce an earned income threshold of £7,400 for Universal Credit claimants who want to claim free school meals for their children. We are also proposing transitional protection for families affected by the change.

11-31 Jun/Jul

We are seeking your views about our proposed changes to the rules and requirements for social work education.