07-30 Jan/Jun

The Commission for Equality in Mental Health are seeking evidence from people and organisations to share their knowledge, experience and understanding of mental health inequalities. They would like to hear about inequalities of all kinds in mental health: what causes them, what can prevent or mitigate them, and what would help to support action to reduce mental health inequality.

17-12 Jan/Apr

The Welsh Government are seeking your views on proposals to prevent and reduce obesity in Wales.

28-19 Jan/Apr

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 sets out 7 well-being goals for Wales. In 2016 we set 46 national indicators to track progress in achieving these goals. The new national milestones will set out our expectation of this progress. The Welsh Government are consulting on: • the criteria for choosing national milestones • the National Indicators against which we will set national milestones • changes to the existing national indicators

18-01 Feb/Apr

The Welsh Government are consulting on the draft update of relationships and sexuality guidance, which would: • Change the name of the area of study from ‘Sex and Relationships Education’ to ‘Relationships and Sexuality Education’ (RSE) • Support schools to structure RSE more closely to the way it will work in the new curriculum • Promote a ‘whole school approach’ which links provision, policy, staff and community to RSE

18-09 Mar/Jun

We are seeking your views on how to address gaps in environmental principles and governance relating to Wales when the UK leaves the European Union (EU).

22-03 Mar/May

The National Assembly’s Children, Young People and Education Committee is conducting short and focussed post-legislative scrutiny of the Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015. It is keen therefore to understand how well the 2015 Act is working, and what lessons can be learned from the Act, before any new legislation is introduced.