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Past Events
15 Oct

The workforce of Great Britain is ageing. By 2030 more than a third of all workers will be aged 50 and over. In response, the UK government has enacted a number of policies to encourage people to remain in work for longer, however, there are concerns that policies made in Westminster do not take into account the challenges faced by the devolved nations. The level and the rate of workforce ageing differs across the 4 nations of Great Britain, moreover, each of the constituent countries of GB faces specific challenges as a result of their industrial histories and unique geographies. A one-size-fits-all policy to meet the challenges and realise the opportunities of workforce ageing is unlikely to be successful, and therefore a better idea of the particular challenges faced by older workers, employers and policy makers in each of the devolved nations is needed. By doing this there will also be opportunities to share best practice and learn from innovations that are taking place elsewhere in GB. This half-day conference will bring together leading researchers on older workers from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to share the experiences and responses to workforce ageing in each of their countries