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Past Events
05 Mar

The Government has been aiming to fulfil the requirements of the 2010 Child Poverty Act which defined a child poverty reduction target, to be achieved by 2020/21. This was updated in 2014 when the Government introduced its second Child Poverty Strategy which sought to tackle the ‘root causes’ of child poverty. The Government targeted increased employment to aid children living in poor families; Universal Credit was introduced to support adults in attaining work, and implemented tax-free child care to help adults return to employment This symposium therefore draws together local government officials, charities, benefit authorities and other key stakeholders to discuss the state of the current Child Poverty Strategy. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss current issues facing children in poverty, and how to develop strategies to aid them in the long term.

28 Mar

This seminar will discuss latest thinking on policy and wider initiatives for reducing poverty in Wales - with a focus on welfare reform, regional approaches and long term strategies. Discussion will reflect key themes and issues emerging as policymakers scrutinise developments and consider practical ways forward for policy, and will assess the impact of policy initiatives themselves.