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Past Events
25 Oct

The techniques that parents and child care professionals once used to teach children about protecting themselves, identifying truth from lies and friends from abusers, may no longer work. How can we tell the differences in this constantly changing environment when the cues and signs that we once used are no longer applicable, or can so easily be faked? The course will take a non sensationalist approach to understanding how sex, relationships, truth and lies have changed in this digital age and how children navigate their way in order to reach adulthood. This course is aimed at professionals who work with children including family support workers, youth workers, social workers, foster carers and teachers.

12 Nov

This short course will focus on supporting practitioners to recognise when children may be trying to tell them about what is happening in their lives. Using a rights based approach we will focus on how to keep the child at the centre of any concerns and to ensure that their voices are heard and acted upon.