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Past Events
21 Feb

Under the Social Services and Well-being Act 2014, children who are eligible for Care and Support Services will need to be involved in What Matters Conversations and the Co-production of their Well-being Goals. There has been a culture change in the way we work with people of all ages in Wales, including children, a move from doing to, to doing with children & young people. The course will look at the legislative framework in Wales, the context for What Matters Conversations, and how to conduct assessments with children & young people. The training will give participants the knowledge and practical skills in conducting assessments, using play and creative techniques and activities from preparation, to conducting assessments through to what happens after. The course will use a child rights based approach which is an overarching duty within the Act.

28 Feb

Too often disabled children and young people face barriers to their inclusion in society. They also face difficulties accessing mainstream activities as some professionals are unsure how to include them. Using a rights based approach to inclusion, this course will examine how barriers can be overcome through the use of reasonable adjustments under The Equality Act. The social and medical models of disability will also be explored and well as the impact of disability on the development of the child. The course will also look at the new legislative framework under the Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act and consider what difference it will make for children and young people with additional learning needs.

01 Mar

For practitioners to develop their skills and knowledge, and to work more confidently in supporting parents and carers to communicate with their children about sex and relationships.

02 Mar

In this free one-day workshop, we bring together people working on child maltreatment and resilience from multiple perspectives – public health, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, and epigenetics. We are also pleased to be welcoming Darren McGarvey - better known by the stage name Loki, Darren is a Scottish rapper and hip hop recording artist, who has made regular media appearances on BBC Scotland and STV as a social commentator. Through his music and writing, McGarvey has looked at deprivation and expressed his belief in the importance of community and social responsibility.

05 Mar

The training will explore young people, self-harm and suicide. It will outline young people’s mental health, the issues that young people experience and the reasons why young people self-harm, the difference between self-harm and suicide and ways to support young people who do so. Coping mechanisms for young people and staff will be explored.

08 Mar

This course gives anyone who works with children, young people and families the opportunity to know their statutory responsibilities in dealing with exploited children, how to identify children and young people who are at risk of CSE and spot the signs, definitions and models of CSE and professional responses within the Welsh context.

13 Mar

The training will explore youth homelessness. The course will outline reasons for youth homelessness, current trends and the impact of current Housing and Homelessness legislation in Wales. Ways of support young homeless people and the issues such as substance misuse, Child Sexual Exploitation and how to safeguard them. This will be conducted using a rights based approach.

10 Apr

In light of the publication of the Government’s green paper on mental health services for children and young people, this timely symposium will offer an invaluable opportunity for NHS staff, public health bodies, local authorities, social care professionals, educationists and third sector practitioners to: analyse recent policy updates, develop strategies for prevention and early intervention, and work together to ensure that children and young people have timely access to effective mental health support.

24 May

Safeguarding Children 2018

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Children today face numerous safety risks. In recent years, the issue of safeguarding children has received more and more media attention with multiple high-profile cases shedding a greater light on protecting society's children. This has contributed to a large increase in demand on already-strained resources. Threats to children's safety include social care, domestic abuse, social and mainstream media, radicalisation, funding cuts for children's services, trafficking and concerns for migrant and refugee children. The answers to many of these issues emphasise the importance of early intervention. Solutions need the kind of complex thinking required to tackle often very complex problems to ensure better protection of children. Open Forum Events invites you to our Safeguarding Children: Finding Solutions for Better Protection conference to analyse and discuss these pressing issues.

03 Jul

This one day event will explore how to promote good mental well-being and resilience by supporting children and young people and their families to adopt and maintain behaviours that support good mental health.