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Past Events
25 Feb

Champions are members of staff that are passionate about changing the way people think and act about mental health problems in the workplace. They play a fundamental role in pushing the work of your action plan forward and embedding that change. This Masterclass will enable pledged employers to understand how organisations have recruited and engaged Champions in the workplace. You will also have the opportunity to meet like-minded organisations who are committed to changing how we think and act about mental health.

26 Feb

Depression and anxiety are the most common types of mental illness in the UK. People with a learning disability are much more likely to experience mental health issues like these than the general population. This training looks at the latest research as to why this is and how to support someone with a learning disability to understand these conditions. We will take a detailed look at these common mental health issues and most importantly, the best ways to treat them and stay well.

25 Mar

This one-day workshop focuses on the themes of well-being, pressure and stress in the workplace. Beginning with an exploration of stress, what it is, the causes of stress and how we recognise it in ourselves and others. Then, introducing the subject of well-being including how it relates to resilience and minimising the negative impact of stress.

05 May

Student Mental Health: Responding to the Crisis

ETC.Venues Prospero House, London

Delegates will explore why more students are turning to unconventional incomes like gambling and sex work during their studies, how the university experience can compound cultural and environmental conditions that lead students to access and supply drugs; and discussing how cross-institutional co-operation as well as legislative review of attitudes towards information sharing could prevent students reaching a point of crisis.

21 May

The show will include a selection of seminars focused on topics such as coping with mental illness, ways to promote positive mental health, and how to support people around you who are suffering with ill mental health.

08 Oct

Talking Mental Health is a National Conference that will be taking place to help people understand and recognise poor Mental Health and to make a difference.