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Past Events
14 Dec

HEALTHY MINDS For Future Generations: Promoting Dementia Risk Reduction

All Nations Centre, Sachville Avenue, Cardiff, Wales, CF14 3NY, GB, Sachville Avenue, Cardiff, CF14 3NY, Cardiff

HEALTHY MINDS For Future Generations: Promoting Dementia Risk Reduction

19 Dec

Performance Health

National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Loughborough

In this final event of the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine’s inaugural seminar series we focus on some of the key health and medicine issues in sport today. A key stimulus for the programme for this event has been the publication in April 2017 of Tanni Grey-Thompson’s Duty of Care in Sport review. This event seeks to highlight cutting edge research on some of the most topical issues in protecting the health and wellbeing of elite athletes.

10 Jan

Delegates will discuss priorities for building on the foundations of the Government’s Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and what this means both legally and practically for creating a positive environment for employees in terms of mental health. Attendees will examine the role that employers can play in addressing the stigma surrounding mental health, ensuring access to support networks and achieving parity of esteem between physical and mental ill-health at work.

11 Jan

This course provides an introduction to mindfulness in the workplace. The aim is to explore the meaning and potential applications of mindfulness across a variety of roles and workplace settings and to provide participants with the opportunity to explore how it might enhance their lives, personally and professionally.

15 Jan

The training will explore youth homelessness. The course will outline reasons for youth homelessness, current trends and the impact of current Housing and Homelessness legislation in Wales. Ways of support young homeless people and the issues such as substance misuse, Child Sexual Exploitation and how to safeguard them. This will be conducted using a rights based approach.

16 Jan

Play and Public Health Conference

Conwy Business Centre, Llandudno Junction

This conference is aimed at health practitioners working directly with children and families as well as those operating at a strategic level within public health. It will provide an opportunity to share in a dialogue about the many ways in which playing can improve health outcomes for children and how we might support it. This is a free conference and lunch will be provided.

16 Jan

This free event is an opportunity to share knowledge and develop new ideas on how together we can make Wales a nation of age friendly and dementia supportive communities, to prevent falls, tackle loneliness and isolation, and improve learning and employment opportunities for older people.

17 Jan

This course is aimed at childminders and practitioners in settings such as Day Nurseries, Playgroups and Home Settings. Whilst the course does not cover the legal requirements and standards for registered settings, it does provide invaluable information for keeping the children in your care safe and free from accidents. The course will also give you a greater understanding of safety, a knowledge of effective interventions and dispel a number of myths around accidents.

17 Jan

The impact of bullying behaviours has a detrimental impact on social, emotional and academic development. The consequences of such behaviours extend beyond the target and effects those caught up within the bullying cycle. Understanding bullying and identifying what works in preventing such behaviours is key to establishing safe, caring and supportive environments where such behaviours are unacceptable and not tolerated. This course will help you look at ways of supporting children and young people to develop the skills needed to develop healthy relationships.

18 Jan

Course Aim: To increase participants knowledge and understanding of the relationship between poverty and inequality and how poverty impacts on children’s lives To enable participants to recognise ways in which their services can impact on children and families who experience poverty.

18 Jan

Young Carers and young Adult Carers are a group of young people who are often overlooked and forgotten about by services. With the implementation of the Social Services and Wellbeing Act 2014 and its emphasis on Assessment for Support for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers, they are now in a unique position to access support in their own right. This course will explore the issues for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers, how you can support them and what are their needs when it comes to working with and advocating on their behalf. The trainer has spent many years working with young carers and young adult carers, championing their rights and ensuring their voices are heard in decisions that affect them.

25 Jan

This timely international symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity to discuss current challenges related to air pollution and to reignite the debate over an EU-wide strategy to ensure cleaner air in Europe, while also enabling the delegates to analyse the role of clean technologies in improving air quality. The symposium offers a platform for discussion on an improved European regulatory framework on air pollution, supports the exchange of ideas, and encourages delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debate.

27 Jan

Wales Exercise Medicine Symposium 2018

All Nations Centre, Cardiff

Delegates will be educated and inspired about the latest developments in Physical Activity for Health. The aim of the conference is to promote Exercise as Medicine and to highlight the importance of Physical Activity across a range of areas.

31 - 01 Jan

This course is aimed at people who want to gain accreditation whilst learning about the current challenges in child protection and how practitioners can work with others to increase the protective factors for children that they work with. The course is appropriate for people working in a range of organisations including youth settings, schools, children’s daycare and residential settings, also services providing support to children and families in the voluntary and private sector. This two day training will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss issues from practice exploring the complex and sensitive nature of keeping children safe in a variety of settings.

02 Feb

This 1-day introductory training will support practitioners to develop their understanding of the relationship between Migration and Welfare in a Welsh context. Through the use of a wide range of resources and real life situations it will explore issues which impact upon the role of Public Authorities and their practitioners in 21st century Wales when working with Migrant children and their families.

06 Feb

HiAP 2018: A Strategy for Improving Population Health

Royal Society of Medicine, London

This conference will ensure that attendees are informed about the health, equity, and sustainability consequences of various policy options during their policy development process, allowing them to improve the health of all people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy areas.

15 Feb

This conference will focus on exploring key areas for action which tackle the causes and consequences of the likely impacts of future generations health and wellbeing. The conference will seek ideas and solutions around the following areas; • How can we become healthier for longer? • What skills, training and support do our communities need to thrive? • What do the WBFG 5 ways of working mean for daily delivery? • What are the economic opportunities of a more skilled and physically active Wales?

15 Feb

This symposium will provide a timely and invaluable opportunity to engage with the latest developments in the EU legislative framework on energy efficiency. It will also enable attendees to examine the societal factors that drive energy consumption, the latest technological innovation that will bring about further efficiency gains and the best solutions to finance energy efficiency projects. The symposium will also offer delegates a platform to share ideas and best practice from across Europe.

07 - 08 Mar

Rethinking Homelessness Connecting Housing, Health & Inclusion

Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre, London

The UK Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health’s annual symposium on health, homelessness and multiple exclusion takes place in London on Wednesday 7th March and Thursday 8th March 2018.

08 Mar

Public Health Wales’ Policy, Research and International Development Directorate are hosting an event to showcase the impact of research from across Public Health Wales together with our partners.

13 Mar

With first phase of the Challenge on Dementia 2020 close to completion, this timely symposium offers an invaluable opportunity to assess the progress made in implementation, consider the priorities for the second phase, and examine the how to strengthen local partnership working to improve support and services for people with dementia and their carers.

13 Mar

The Learning Disabilities: Fulfilling Potential and Supporting Better Lives conference, will once again, introduce to you a comprehensive agenda of expert professionals, contributors and self-advocates, who will guide delegates through a programme of informative and insightful plenary sessions. Examples of best practice and initiatives will be showcased which delegates may feel appropriate to adopt as part of their own support provision. There will be ample opportunity to question, discuss and debate the progress made with improvement, as well as share stories and experiences with the conference to contribute to the wider thinking about supporting better lives.

19 - 21 Mar

At the end of this short course delegates will have gained an appreciation of the concepts, methods and application of health economics to public health, be able to critically appraise a published economic evaluation of a public health intervention and feel confident in speaking about potential return on investment from public health programmes in the NHS and other settings such as schools and work places.

19 - 21 Mar

Building on 20 years of our experience in teaching health economics to public health practitioners and those undertaking research in public health. At the end of this short course delegates will have gained an appreciation of the concepts, methods and application of health economics to public health, be able to critically appraise a published economic evaluation of a public health intervention and feel confident in speaking about potential return on investment from public health programmes in the NHS and other settings such as schools and work places.

20 Mar

This seminar focuses on the future of health and social care in Wales and will be an opportunity for policymakers and stakeholders to discuss the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care’s final report.

28 - 29 Mar

Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, host the Eating Disorders International Conference biennially. The next conference will take place on 28 - 29 March 2018 at Imperial College London.

28 - 29 Mar

Returning for the fifth time with a programme designed by experts and talks from keynote speakers renowned for their work in the field of eating disorders, this prestigious two-day conference showcases innovative, leading research.

10 Apr

In light of the publication of the Government’s green paper on mental health services for children and young people, this timely symposium will offer an invaluable opportunity for NHS staff, public health bodies, local authorities, social care professionals, educationists and third sector practitioners to: analyse recent policy updates, develop strategies for prevention and early intervention, and work together to ensure that children and young people have timely access to effective mental health support.

24 Apr

This seminar will discuss key issues for the future of research and innovation in Wales. It will be an opportunity to consider the review commissioned by the Welsh Government and conducted by Professor Graeme Reid, which will track notable areas of innovation and research activity and the way it is used in Wales, and make recommendations on how to improve partnerships and entrepreneurship for the widest possible benefit.

25 Apr

Wider determinants of health such as housing, schooling and employment, are key to deliver the transformation needed in mental health services and care. Sustainability and Transformation plans are seen as a key delivery vehicle for improved mental health services and advanced plans provide strong examples of collaboration across health and care systems can benefit people with mental health needs. A collective focus will benefit not just people who use services, their families and communities, but benefit the NHS itself and drive a more equal, balanced and sustainable health and care system. If the system’s complexity and fragmentation are to be overcome improved commissioning of services at the local level will be key. Our conference agenda will share personal experiences of mental health users, provide an invaluable update on the road map to improved mental health care, and highlight real, practical examples of service transformation and new approaches to care.

17 - 19 May

This is an unique coming-together of policy makers and theorists, social scientists, clinical, expertise, along with social service and public health perspectives; There will be an extra-ordinary opportunity to share and transfer learning within and across countries; Examining contemporary problems right across the globe, debating solutions, and maybe even forecasting the future!

24 May

Safeguarding Children 2018

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Children today face numerous safety risks. In recent years, the issue of safeguarding children has received more and more media attention with multiple high-profile cases shedding a greater light on protecting society's children. This has contributed to a large increase in demand on already-strained resources. Threats to children's safety include social care, domestic abuse, social and mainstream media, radicalisation, funding cuts for children's services, trafficking and concerns for migrant and refugee children. The answers to many of these issues emphasise the importance of early intervention. Solutions need the kind of complex thinking required to tackle often very complex problems to ensure better protection of children. Open Forum Events invites you to our Safeguarding Children: Finding Solutions for Better Protection conference to analyse and discuss these pressing issues.

15 - 17 Oct

The Conference will be co-hosted with Public Health England and Sport England – the two agencies leading the physical activity and health agenda in England. The congress has three main themes: Addressing inequalities within and through physical activity; Evidence into policy and practice to achieve population change; and Physical activity and the wider determinants of health.

17 - 21 Sep

The theme for IASP 2019 is “Breaking Down Walls and Building Bridges”, a theme that not only resonates with the landmarks in our beautiful city, but also reflects the work we do in suicide prevention and building hope for those in crisis.