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Past Events
14 - 15 Feb

This course is aimed at practitioners and managers working with children, young people and their families around issues of change and protecting and safeguarding children.

20 Feb

The talk will cover the history of how HIV/AIDS prevention and care developed over the past 35 years, outlining the impact of public health messages and how intervention with drugs has transformed what was once a ‘fatal disease’ to a manageable long term condition, however stigma still exists.

21 Feb

The objective of these Welsh Government funded events is to enable and motivate public sector professionals to speed up the transition to a low carbon, low emission transport system in Wales, with a particular focus on road transport and alternatives to private car ownership.

27 Feb

Following on from the hugely successful inaugural ”Getting Wales Moving: Delivering on the Wellbeing for Future Generations Act” conference, we are very pleased to announce the date for the second event in the series on the 27th of February 2019. This year’s conference will again feature influential and well-respected speakers with anticipated insights from the Welsh Government, Sport Wales, and leading figures involved in improving population health and tackling inactivity and skills shortages across workforce and communities.

27 Feb

The session will have the following learning outcomes: * A basic understanding of HIA, what it is and how it is done* The components of a high quality HIA *Introduction to different influences on health and wellbeing*An overview of HIA in the context of current Welsh Government and Public Health Policy, and Practical introduction to screening.

28 Feb

This symposium will offer NHS staff, public health bodies, local authorities, social care professionals, educationists and third sector practitioners to analyse recent policy updates, develop strategies for prevention and early intervention, and work together to ensure that children and young people have timely access to effective mental health support.

05 Mar

The Government has been aiming to fulfil the requirements of the 2010 Child Poverty Act which defined a child poverty reduction target, to be achieved by 2020/21. This was updated in 2014 when the Government introduced its second Child Poverty Strategy which sought to tackle the ‘root causes’ of child poverty. The Government targeted increased employment to aid children living in poor families; Universal Credit was introduced to support adults in attaining work, and implemented tax-free child care to help adults return to employment This symposium therefore draws together local government officials, charities, benefit authorities and other key stakeholders to discuss the state of the current Child Poverty Strategy. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss current issues facing children in poverty, and how to develop strategies to aid them in the long term.

05 - 06 Mar

The NSPCC is running a series of child protection and safeguarding training courses to help people and organisations who work with children in Wales.

06 Mar

To increase participants knowledge and understanding of the relationship between poverty and inequality and how poverty impacts on children’s lives.

07 Mar

A day of workshops to explore how we further develop these services and supports. Morning session: Perinatal Mental Health Services in Wales –where do we go next? Afternoon session: Making the case for an Infant Mental Health Framework for Wales

08 Mar

For International Women’s Day, the Royal College of Nursing celebrate the value of arts for health with a focus on nurse writers and artists. Olwen Morgan, singer and artist, will perform her work while children’s writer Michele Pengelly talks about the value of creativity in nursing for young people.

12 Mar

The NHS is pledging to make learning disabilities and/or autism a ‘national priority’ in their upcoming 10-year plan. This conference will be concentrating on the support and services that are essential for people to thrive. Individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism have the same basic rights to receive equity in areas such as healthcare, independent living, employment opportunities and accommodation. Removing the barriers and providing adequate provision is essential.

12 Mar

The NSPCC is running a series of child protection and safeguarding training courses to help people and organisations who work with children in Wales.

13 Mar

With the Challenge on Dementia 2020 close to completion, this timely symposium offers an invaluable opportunity to assess the progress made in implementation, consider the priorities for the second phase, and examine the how to strengthen local partnership working to improve support and services for people with dementia and their carers.

14 Mar

This annual conference is Cymorth Cymru's biggest event, pulling together all the strands of their work and asking challenging questions about the future.

14 Mar

In 2017, PHE published ‘Spatial Planning for Health: An evidence resource for planning and designing healthier places’. The aim of the day is to review the document in light of any new evidence which has emerged since its publication and whether the key messages set out in the document are still relevant in light of changes to the policy landscape and lessons learnt from local implementation.

14 Mar

A day of workshops to explore how we further develop these services and supports Morning session: Perinatal Mental Health Services in Wales –where do we go next? Afternoon session: Making the case for an Infant Mental Health Framework for Wales

19 Mar

The conference agenda, featuring the very latest updates and developments, is designed to support delegates in their work and promote healthier later lives.

19 - 20 Mar

The NSPCC is running a series of child protection and safeguarding training courses to help people and organisations who work with children in Wales.

19 Mar

A day of workshops to explore how we further develop these services and supports Morning session: Perinatal Mental Health Services in Wales –where do we go next? Afternoon session: Making the case for an Infant Mental Health Framework for Wales

20 Mar

Residing at the heart of their communities, pharmacies have been called upon to support more robust public health services. This timely symposium provides a range of public policy and health professionals including pharmacists, health and wellbeing boards and clinical commissioners with an invaluable forum to examine how pharmacies can deliver stronger and more efficient primary care support. Delegates will also explore the evolving role of pharmacies within their communities and co-develop strategies to embed them at the centre of local public healthcare.

22 Mar

The conference theme will welcome participants including policy makers, planners, service providers and education institutions and the private sector. Key also will be the involvement of the ‘third sector’, incorporating voluntary organizations and community groups with a particular focus on integrated, multi-disciplinary approaches. This inclusive conference will feature a variety of session formats to promote the exchange of evidence and experience, together with opportunities for discussion and exploration of novel ideas.

25 - 05 Mar

Sustrans Big Pedal

National Event

Sustrans Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling, walking and scooting challenge inspiring pupils, staff and parents to choose human power for their journey to school.

27 Mar

This conference focuses on priorities for putting in place the infrastructure to support health and social care in Wales.

27 Mar

This half day training will look at how resilience can be developed and consider areas such as confidence, self-esteem, self-efficacy and the roles they play in resilience.

28 Mar

This seminar will discuss latest thinking on policy and wider initiatives for reducing poverty in Wales - with a focus on welfare reform, regional approaches and long term strategies. Discussion will reflect key themes and issues emerging as policymakers scrutinise developments and consider practical ways forward for policy, and will assess the impact of policy initiatives themselves.

01 Apr

The Wellbeing Symposium will look at wellbeing from the point of the individual, businesses and communities. As the NHS Plan urges a focus on Prevention, the Symposium will demonstrate how to do it. Through this interactive space, participants will share their experience, make connections and come away with tangible actions they can implement.

03 Apr

NHS: Delivering the 10 Year Plan

Mary Ward House Conference and Exhibition Centre, London

The NHS: Ten-Year Plan conference will provide resolutions to fiscal and service provision challenges that are fettering the NHS, in addition to scrutinising the governments proposed funding pledges and how government's investment pledges will provide the basis for the Ten-Year Plan.

08 - 10 Apr

Building on 20 years of our experience in teaching health economics to public health practitioners and those undertaking research in public health. At the end of this short course delegates will have gained an appreciation of the concepts, methods and application of health economics to public health, be able to critically appraise a published economic evaluation of a public health intervention and feel confident in speaking about potential return on investment from public health programmes in the NHS and other settings such as schools and work places.

11 Apr

Connecting Generations: Celebrating and Learning

Reichel Hall, Bangor University

An opportunity to learn the latest research findings and best practice in intergenerational programmes.

30 Apr

This conference will examine in detail how the new prevention agenda may unfold and what it aims to achieve.

30 Apr

Dementia 2020: Roadmap to Delivery

Royal Society of Medicine, London

February 2015 the Prime Minister launched his Challenge on Dementia 2020, which set out to build on the achievements of the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2012-2015. The Implementation Plan published on 6th March 2016 outlines how the 50 commitments set out in the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia 2020 will be met, ensuring that England becomes the world-leader in dementia care, research and awareness by 2020. Dementia 2020 - Roadmap to Delivery follows the strategy into its final year and will provide a recap of progress to date in realising the aims and objectives of the challenge. Following the 2018 review delegates will learn finalised plans from regular series contributors such as the Alzheimer’s Society Department of Health, NHS England & Public Health England amongst other stakeholders.

01 May

The HiAP 2019 conference will serve to provide help for local authority and NHS decision makers, sharing insight on how best to collate evidence, identify impacts, take action and prioritise interventions. It will provide all delegates with a number of pre-conference toolkits and practical solutions which can help them deliver immediate steps towards rebalancing the many societal and health related challenges they may face. It will focus on the transference of best practice methodology in order to create common understandings of health and health inequalities across councils, NHS settings and community care.

07 - 10 May

This conference entitled “Moving Forward Together,” will share best practices and research to advance the worldwide physical literacy movement.

09 May

Key stakeholders and policymakers will consider issues raised in consultation responses on the second chapter of the Government’s Childhood obesity plan for action - looking at TV and online advertising, in-store placement and promotion of HFSS products, the sale of energy drinks to children, and calorie labelling in the out-of-home sector.

16 May

Spirit is a conference filled with inspiring keynote speeches, lively discussions and practical workshops about children's play.

16 May

Improving Student Mental Health Outcomes

Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre, London

This conference will examine how policy can provide support for institutes and students, review the impact of HE reforms and existing cultures on student mental health; in addition to exploring how barriers to accessing services can be removed and how the stigma associated with mental health can be further eroded.

22 May

Mental Health Today Wales

Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, Cardiff

Mental Health Today Wales is a CPD certified event for like-minded professionals and service users from across the statutory and independent mental health sectors. The aim of the event is to aid and encourage progress in mental health services in Wales by provoking discussions, improving knowledge and championing the voices of those who aren’t often heard. Spend the day with key thought-leaders in mental health as they address today’s most competitive challenges. You’ll go home with new insights and strategies to help improve crisis care, better understand equality & diversity and recognise mental health conditions.

23 May

This conference will highlight new developments and address some of the challenges to ensure our children are kept safe from harm and their welfare protected. The agenda will feature expert speakers in child welfare and protection and is designed to bring together all stakeholders for a day of information sharing, discussion and networking, in order for children to receive the best possible outcomes and maximise achievements.

23 May

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK and the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine are partnering to deliver this inaugural joint event on the science behind exercise medicine and the impact it has on common and disabling chronic health conditions.

13 Jun

This timely conference examines the future for the health and social care workforce in Wales, focusing on the workforce strategy and long term workforce planning, including in the context of Brexit. The seminar takes places in light of the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales, and the Welsh Government’s Healthier Wales plan, which includes the setting up of a new Workforce Strategy for Health and Social Care in Wales.

19 - 20 Jun

A two-day, residential playwork training event under canvas that gives playworkers the opportunity to learn from each other and experienced playwork trainers.

24 - 28 Jun

The aim of this course is to provide you with an introduction to the socio-ecological model of health and how it can be used as a framework for designing public health improvement interventions.

25 - 26 Jun

The theme of the conference is growing up online and it will explore potential risks and issues children may face online and ways in which professionals can help protect them.

28 - 30 Aug

The 15th annual meeting and 10th conference of HEPA Europe will take place at the University of Southern Denmark on the 28-30 August 2019.

17 - 21 Sep

The theme for IASP 2019 is “Breaking Down Walls and Building Bridges”, a theme that not only resonates with the landmarks in our beautiful city, but also reflects the work we do in suicide prevention and building hope for those in crisis.

16 - 18 Oct

The 9th MOVE Congress is set to unearth the next game-changers for grassroots sport and physical activity promotion. The MOVE Congress is one of the few conferences in the world that focuses solely on recreational sport and physical activity. In 2019 it will bring 500 stakeholders from physical activity, sport, health, education, urban planning and science together to discuss issues and future trends that link their sectors together.