Frequently Asked Questions

This list of Frequently Asked Questions has been determined by queries regularly encountered by the Public Health Wales Networks over the course of their existence. Many of the queries will be equally as relevant to Public Health Network Cymru, but of course this list is not exhaustive and will be added to should other common queries arrive.

Do you provide information for the general public?

The short answer is no. Our primary aim is to support practitioners, a great number of whom work in public-facing roles, such as clinicians, educators and community workers. If the general public find our information useful, then great! However we write the content of the websites and newsletters with practitioners in mind.

I work in the media. Could you comment upon this news item/policy/evidence?

The Public Health Wales Network Coordinators do not handle media enquires. For all media enquiries related to our topic areas, please contact the Public Health Wales Communications team on 029 2034 8755 (24 hours)

How do I become a member of Public Health Network Cymru?

Please see further details, including the registration form, on the Membership page of Public Health Network Cymru.

Does membership cost me anything?

Membership is totally free of charge for all.

What are the benefits of being a member?

The benefits are plentiful, but the major advantages of being a member can be summarised as follows:

  • Access to a range of regular e-bulletins, according to your interests
  • Access to the members ‘dashboard’ feature of the Public Health Network Cymru website, highlighting the key developments related to your areas of interest. 
  • Access to engagement opportunities
  • Email notification of upcoming events

Are there other networks dealing with other issues?

There are many clinical networks for specific health conditions in Wales, but nothing specifically for public health practitioners. This is where Public Health Network Cymru seeks to make a great contribution in strengthening the knowledge base of the public health workforce.

If I register, will my personal information be shared?

Absolutely not – it will only be held by the Public Health Network Cymru Project Team based within the Wider Determinants of Health Unit of Public Health Wales.

Can I contact other members of the network?

If you are looking for a specific person, it is worth contacting one of the Public Health Network Cymru Coordinators who may be able to forward your query to the person on your behalf, should their details be known to the project team. Public Health Network Cymru cannot share an individual’s contact details due to Data Protection legislation.

I have some information that I think would be useful to the network, how can I share it?

You will find at the foot of each webpage a ‘contact us’ facility where you can share the information. Alternatively, please email Public Health Network Cymru with the information. An editorial decision will be made prior to sharing the information through relevant Public Health Network Cymru channels.

The information you send is no longer relevant to me, how do I unsubscribe?

We’re sorry you feel this way. Please email Public Health Network Cymru with your membership details to be unsubscribed. You will then be unable to access the members-only facilities on the Network website.

Are there annual events which network members can attend?

Details of all upcoming Public Health Network Cymru’s events, along with details from past events, can be found on the Events webpage. Public Health Network Cymru also signposts to relevant events arranged by other organisations through this webpage.