Aims, Objectives & Remit

Public Health Network Cymru aims to create a network of interest for all those working on public health issues in Wales with quality timely advice, information and support.

Its objectives are as follows:

  • To provide and maintain a dynamic, engaging and attractive web portal that provides instant access to comprehensive public health information, current and emerging news items, video feeds, research & evidence briefings and communities of interest.
  • To help inform and support public health policy development and best public health practice through a range of quarterly topical events including seminars and conferences.
  • To promote and support good public health practice through the development and dissemination of a downloadable online shared practice toolkit and database.
  • To respond in a timely manner to new and emerging public health issues.

The remit of the network includes:

  • Providing support and guidance to the wider public health workforce
  • Organising and promoting regional and national events on themed public health topics
  • Producing and disseminating e-bulletins to registered members of the network
  • Developing and maintaining a series of databases to support practitioners in their ongoing public health development
  • Promoting and supporting good practice in public health initiatives

Public Health Network Cymru’s primary audience is professionals working within, or contributing to, public health development in Wales.

This website and its content are not aimed at the general public.